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.Date : Friday, January 22, 2021
Hello everybody.

........................You’re welcome to the family of DPS you very well know that global world and its sunnier is changing at a fast pace. The world of education should always be a mother of enjoyment, unburdened and innovative we believe in providing a suitable environment where the child learns his own; this of course is under the supervision of experienced teachers. Our” young heroes” are molded to be fit for the world of tomorrow, as true citizens and also as good human beings. Academies being the prime foes, other extracurricular activities with physical (baled activities play supportive role; you can rest assured that in DPS madam bore, your child will get the better in the world of education. The aunt years surely requires patience. Once again welcome to the family of DPS.

Digital Smart
Teaching is imparted through high definition software for all subjects from beginner to XIII
Computer Lab
Computer education is a part of curriculum right from class I with theoretical knowledge followed by practical handling of Computer.
Library Room
A Complete stock of story books Newspapers competitive and course books from beginner to higher to develop reading habit among children.
Music Session
Encouraging children to learn, Both vocal and Instrumental Music and Dance through fully equipped Instruments Modern and traditional.
Sports education
Sporting Facility Include Basketball, Skating Athletics, Table -tennis Disk-kas throw, chess etc
Martial Arts and yoga
This is part and partial of the curriculum and compulsory for all the students to learn.
Stage presentation
Confidence building of students through stage exposure in the various programs on stage.
Science Lab
Partial is an impotent part of Science education. It gives a real experience to students.
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