Welcome to DPS Madhubani
.Date : Friday, January 22, 2021

Welcome to DPS
A very open and green campus enable sporting activates. Coaching is offered in most of the sports to make the sporting activates fun and enjoyable. At the same time attention is on developing skills, co-ordination, stamina and sportsmanship. Students would be encouraged to take part in trekking and other expeditions, as well as excursions away from school.

Another way in which the school seeks to develop individual talent is through participation in co-curricular activities. The school offers a plethora of opportunities through clubs, hobbies, societies, and art workshops. Debating, elocution, story-telling, dig, calligraphy, yoga, aerobes are some of the other activities encouraged.

Leadership skill are developed through the students’ prefectural committee and the students are helped to take responsibility for the own progress. Our students are encouraged in community participation for clean and green environment

Student Council
Students are in constant surveillance of the teachers. Sumptuous, healthy and timely meals (5 times a day) along with regular guidance in academic are focused.

The evening working is for improvement of the weak subjects. Discipline, spoken English, Team spirit, Culture and Sound physical and mental development is also included in the budding students. There is a separate facility for girl students with a lady matron to keep constant watch. Twenty four hours generator facility, if required, is available. For other details you must contact the school office.

NB: Parents are allowed to visit their wards on Sundays only. Parents must avoid talking to their wards on phone on other days except Sundays.

Digital Smart
Teaching is imparted through high definition software for all subjects from beginner to XIII
Computer Lab
Computer education is a part of curriculum right from class I with theoretical knowledge followed by practical handling of Computer.
Library Room
A Complete stock of story books Newspapers competitive and course books from beginner to higher to develop reading habit among children.
Music Session
Encouraging children to learn, Both vocal and Instrumental Music and Dance through fully equipped Instruments Modern and traditional.
Sports education
Sporting Facility Include Basketball, Skating Athletics, Table -tennis Disk-kas throw, chess etc
Martial Arts and yoga
This is part and partial of the curriculum and compulsory for all the students to learn.
Stage presentation
Confidence building of students through stage exposure in the various programs on stage.
Science Lab
Partial is an impotent part of Science education. It gives a real experience to students.
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